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Plenary Videos

The videos of the Plenary Sessions are now available!

Plenary I: Better knowledge for better health: Effectiveness and Efficiency


  • Professor Thomas J Walley
    Effectiveness and efficiency: better knowledge for better health

  • Lisa Bero, PhD
    Cochrane Reviews travel the world . . . but evidence can only take you so far

  • Dr Andrew D Oxman, MD, MSc
    From there to here, the first 20 years of The Cochrane Collaboration

Plenary II: Better knowledge for better health: knowledge users’ perspectives


  • Dr John N. Lavis, MD PhD
    Knowledge for health system managers and policy makers

  • Dr Jimmy Volmink, BSc, MBChB, DCH, MPH, DPhil
    Knowledge for healthcare professionals

  • Dr France Légaré, B.Sc. Arch MD, PhD, CCFP, FCFP
    Promoting shared decision-making for better decisions and health

  • Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA
    The Intersection Between Evidence-Based and Patient-Centered Healthcare

Plenary III: Better knowledge for better health: an Americas’ perspective


  • Dr. Catherine L. Cook, MD, MSc., CCFP, FCFP
    Knowledge for indigenous peoples

  • Dr. Jose Romero Teruel, MD, MPH, PhD
    Better Knowledge and Health for the Americas

  • Dr. Alan Bernstein, O.C.
    Better Knowledge for Global Health: A Central Role for the Cochrane Collaboration

  • Dr Tim Evans, DPhil, MD
    Knowledge for global health systems

1st Annual Cochrane Lecture

Presented by Sir Iain Chalmers

Plenary IV: Even Better knowledge for better health: The next 20 years


  • Chris Mavergames, MLIS
    The Future of Knowledge: #CochraneTech to 2020 (and beyond)

  • David Bornstein
    The Cochrane Collaboration as an Engine for Social Innovation: How can Cochrane contributors leverage their work to advance system changes in healthcare?

  • Mark G. Wilson, M.A., DIP.JOUR., M.PHIL., M.M., FCMI
    From here to there, the next 20 years of The Cochrane Collaboration