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The Non-Randomized Studies Methods Group (NRSMG)

Sunday 22 September 2013 - 07:00 - 08:15


Lyon (202)
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Contact person

Beverley Shea
Barnaby Reeves
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Non-Randomized Studies Methods Group (NRSMG) members, anyone welcome

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The Non-Randomized Studies Methods Group (NRSMG) of the Cochrane Collaboration advises the Steering Group to set policy and formulate guidance about the inclusion of non-randomized studies (NRS) of the effectiveness of healthcare interventions in Cochrane reviews. Membership of the group is open to anyone who wishes to contribute actively to the work of group. The work of the group is primarily methodological, rather than focused on particular healthcare interventions. We will update everyone on the activities of the past year including the methods innovation fund project to extend the risk of bias tool to studies of non-randomized design. Participates will have an opportunity to meet other NRSMG contributors.