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Cochrane Bias Methods Group Annual Meeting

Saturday 21 September 2013 - 17:15 - 18:30


Adelaide (302 B)
Contact person

Contact person

Lucy Turner
Alain Mayhew
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Intended audience

Bias Methods Group Members, Other welcome

Closed or open meeting



The Bias Methods Group currently has a membership of 200 individuals interested in the concepts surrounding bias in systematic reviews. Annually, the BMG gets together to share research and discuss any items of interest to the membership. This year, we have a busy agenda. Professors Jonathan Sterne and Julian Higgins, who are very active within the group, have kindly agreed to present two concurrent projects that the BMG is working on, the methods innovation fund project to extend the risk of bias tool to studies of non-randomised design (please note there is also a workshop for this project) and version 2.0 of the risk of bias tool for RCTs. This will be followed by research presentations from BMG who wish to share their work. We hope to see you there.