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Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies (CNODES): Prospective meta-analysis of drug safety data from a distributed network

Sunday 22 September 2013 - 17:15 - 18:30


Oxford (301 A)
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Contact person

David Henry
Colin Dormuth
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academics, methodologists, drug regulators

Closed or open meeting



This will be a presentation of data followed by a discussion of the experience of using a distributed network of data centres, covering a population of >40 million to perform drug safety studies. A data-base team use common analytical protocols to perform centre-specific analyses, generating adjusted measures of drug effects. These are combined in meta-analyses by a methods team to provide summary estimates and to explore variations in effect sizes. Early experience has yielded useful information on governance of such studies, measures to avoid bias at different stages in the process and has provided insight into sources of heterogeneity in meta-analysis of large observational studies.