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Using the Cochrane Community site to support Cochrane work

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Presenting author

Nancy Owens

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Nancy Owens
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Background: The Cochrane Community site, established as a knowledge-sharing platform for Archie-registered Cochrane contributors, provides a useful collaborative and informational resource that can be a great asset for improving the quality of work and communication. However, potential users may be daunted by the volume of information and resources available, and may be unsure of the practical application of such information to daily routines of managing tasks. Objectives: 1. Familiarise participants with the organisation and contents of the Cochrane Community site, and how these relate to work functions. 2. Provide information on how the Community site was developed and plans for the future. 3. Provide practical information on how to use Community site to improve quality of contributors’ work and communication. This presentation will focus on exploring the Cochrane Community site: how it was developed; how it is organised; what it includes; and how to use it, including features such as discussion forums, role-based portals, and organisational resources. The presentation will include a demonstration of how contributors can use the Community site, and apply features to everyday tasks of communication and information management. It will also include a discussion of plans for future development of the site and its resources to support knowledge management in Cochrane and an opportunity for feedback from the audience.