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An updated review of the development of Evidence-based Pharmacy: definition, practice and research

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Yi Liang

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Lingli Zhang
Yi Liang
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Background: In 1990s, Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) was introduced into the field of Pharmacy, leading to the emergence of Evidence-based Pharmacy (EBP). Although, many professionals in concerned filed are promoting EBP, there was no study focusing on the concepts and development of EBP. In 2010, we systematically reviewed the definition and literatures of EBP and updated this review in 2012. Objectives: To provide updated evidence on the definition, practice and research of EBP Methods: We searched PUBMED, EMBASE, 4 local Chinese journal databases and Google with pre-designed search strategy. We extracted definitions of EBP and other information from included articles. We compared the existing definitions of EBP on three domains (who, how and where to practice). We consulted experts in concerned fields in and outside China to raise a new one if the existing definitions failed to reach a consensus. We descriptively analyzed the existing literatures on EBP practice and research. Results: The current 5 definitions of EBP varied a lot on three domains and we raised a new one based on expert consulting and available evidence. Included articles reported that EBP was practiced in clinical pharmacy, drug treatment recording, prescription verification and pharmaceutical management. The current practice model follows the model of EBM. There are EBP practice training program both in and outside China. 45% of the included articles were published between2011-2012. 57% of the authors are majored in Hospital Pharmacy. Conclusions: A definition of EBP was raised based on current evidence and expert consensus. The practice model of EBP follows the model of EBM, and there is EBP practice training in and outside China. Number of studies on EBP increased dramatically in recent 2 years. Researchers in EBP are mainly hospital pharmacists, which is consistent with the previous study.