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Profile of Overviews published by the Cochrane Library

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Marcelle Barrueco...

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Marcelle Barrueco...
Ana Martimbianco
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Background: Cochrane Overviews present a new concept for facilitate the access to results of multiple Cochrane reviews about a particular medical condition, being considered a 'friendly front end' to The Cochrane Library. Given the growing number of Systematic Reviews (SRs) published, researchers' interest to conduct Overviews tends to increase in coming years. The Cochrane Collaboration is pioneer in conducting Overviews with rigorous methodology as proposed in Chapter 22 of Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. Objectives: To conduct a survey and analysis of the number of Overviews and Overview’ protocols published to date in the Cochrane Library. Methods: A search was conducted in The Cochrane Library with the term "Overview" and 77 studies were identified. The titles and abstracts were evaluated by two authors (MBC e ALCM). The data of completed Overviews were extracted according to: Editorial Group, year of publication, number of included SRs and the tool utilized to analyze the methodological quality of these. Graphs with numbers and dates of publication of Overviews and of protocols were made in order to ascertain the number of this study so far. Results: We selected 9 completed Overviews and 20 protocols. The data extracted from published Overviews are shown in Table 1. Eight Cochrane Editorial Groups have 9 Overviews published, with first publication in 2009. Six Overviews included only Cochrane SRs. Eight Overviews used the AMSTAR tool for methodological quality assessment of SRs included. The analysis of production of Overviews and its protocols is presented in Figure 1 and 2. Conclusions: According to the last four years, the development of Overviews is on the rise. Given the practicality and relevance of conducting Overviews for decision making in health problems, its methodology should be disseminated to check which interventions are scientifically proven with clinical significance to health care.