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New teaching and research activities of the Brazilian Cochrane Center

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Presenting author

Rachel Riera

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Rachel Riera
Maria Regina Torloni
Abstract text
Background: The Brazilian Cochrane Centre (BCC) has increased its efforts to disseminate the culture of evidence-based health (EBH) to the general public. Objectives: To report new activities implemented by the BCC. Methods: Over the last months, volunteer collaborators of the BCC have held meetings to implement, upscale or improve the activities described below. Results: • Basic Workshop: monthly, one-day activity that introduces 20 students to the Cochrane Collaboration and how to develop systematic reviews (SR). • Advanced Workshop: monthly, one-day workshop that helps 20 participants to advance their SRs, guiding them through title registration and protocol development. • Online course: introduces students to the main concepts of a SR (12 modules). • Improving translations: aiming to increase the proficiency of volunteers involved in the Portuguese translation of Cochrane abstracts and Plain Language Summaries • Beginners´ Manual: based on our online course and the Cochrane Handbook, this booklet, written in Portuguese, guides researchers through the main steps involved in a Cochrane SR. • Cochrane abstracts and Plain Language Summaries. • Handsearch: volunteers are being trained to manually review Brazilian journals not indexed looking for trials to be uploaded to CENTRAL. • New workshops: based on the demand of our workshop participants, the team is planning new workshops: Introduction to Clinical Research, Basic Biostatistics, Statistics for Metanalyses, Critical appraisal, Assessing risk of bias, Cochrane Library for consumers, Using Revman and GRADE. • Improving teaching: The team is being trained to improve communication and didactic performance to upgrade the quality of our workshops. Conclusions: These activities are promoting increased visibility and interaction of the BCC with different publics, more participants in our workshops, recognition of the BCC as a research center and a highly motivated and qualified team of professionals capable of both performing SR and transmitting their knowledge and experience to others