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Meeting end-user needs through rapid evidence reviews: a partnership case study

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Samantha Barker

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Samantha Barker
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Background: Barriers to using traditional systematic reviews in the ‘real-world’ policy setting have led to a growth in accelerated approaches to evidence reviewing. Those that expedite the process whilst maintaining high quality and rigour show promise, however achieving a one-size-fits-all accelerated approach may not be suitable. Transparency in reporting, application to other disciplines, and lack of impact assessment are some limitations of current accelerated approaches. A new partnership in compensation health between academic research and government groups created the need for a tailored evidence review program that could inform decision-making as well as other activities such as strategic planning and stakeholder engagement. Objectives: To develop and implement an accelerated review approach that is robust, transparent and delivers reviews that meet end-user needs. Methods: We reviewed existing external accelerated review programs, conducted stakeholder interviews (researchers and end-users), and also evaluated evidence reviews conducted during the establishment phase of our partnership. Through a separate project impact and return on investment was assessed for three earlier evidence reviews. Our Research Translation model was also an input to the framework. Results: Two accelerated evidence review ‘products’ have been developed – ‘snapshot reviews’ and ‘rapid reviews’. They share the same eight high-level stages and differ according to the depth and breadth of process, timelines, and the expertise required to conduct the review (researcher network). The way in which evidence will be used is a key factor in determining which product is most appropriate. Tools have been developed to inform and guide the review, such as the evidence review plan and stakeholder meeting protocol. Conclusions: Our snapshot and rapid reviews deliver a unique and collaborative approach that can be applied across disciplines. The potential impact of accelerated evidence reviews is highlighted through our impact assessment work.