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The Evolution of Technology for Cochrane

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


Presenting author and contact person

Presenting author

Jessica Thomas

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Jessica Thomas
Chris Mavergames
Gordon Dooley
Julian Elliott
Jacob Riis
Abstract text
Background In celebrating twenty years of The Cochrane Collaboration, we can also celebrate twenty years of advancing technologies in evidence-based health care. Cochrane Reviews have always been electronic and have thus benefited from advances in technology to aid in their creation and dissemination. Since its inception, Cochrane has been at the forefront of online provision of high quality data and has contributed to and inspired the development of both technological and methodological advances in the field. In doing this we have supported increased access to more people worldwide. Objectives At this juncture, we have a prime opportunity to consider our place in the healthcare knowledge economy vis-a-vis technology. This poster documents the technological advances that Cochrane has pioneered over the last 20 years and looks forward to future developments that will keep Cochrane Reviews as up-to-date and accessible as possible and confirm Cochrane's place as champions of technology in the creation and dissemination of Cochrane Reviews. Results The results will highlight Cochrane’s direction of travel, including considering the role of linked data and how technology can support the next evolution in evidence-based health care. Conclusions Through this poster and its associated editorial, we will show how far The Cochrane Collaboration has come and what we have achieved in support of health care by the use of technology. We will also discuss how future advances in technology can contribute to Cochrane’s mission and to the broader field of evidence-based health care.