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Cochrane Journal Club: meeting the expectations of our growing membership

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Presenting author

Bryony Urquhart

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Bryony Urquhart
Gavin Stewart
Abstract text
Background: Cochrane Journal Club (CJC) was launched in October 2009 to promote awareness of Cochrane Reviews, educate students and others to critique and use research findings, and aid in the translation of research into practice. By the 21st Colloquium in Quebec, CJC will have been published monthly for almost four years ( Objectives: To analyse data collected from visitors to CJC. To identify the CJC issues receiving the highest number of unique visitors in the first two months of publication. To survey users of CJC to find out how they use the CJC resources and whether the materials presented meet their requirements. Methods: Google Analytics has been used to collect data on visitors to the CJC website since launch. In addition, an online survey of users was circulated to the CJC membership list in March 2013. The survey will be compared to an earlier CJC user survey, conducted in 2010. We will also discuss practical experience with the CJC in one residency program, including recommendations from that experience that have emerged for possible improvements or added features to CJC. Results: In April 2013, the CJC website has 7806 members and there have been 158,000 unique users. Most visitors come from the UK (25.6% of all visitors). The rest of the top 10 (in decreasing number of visitors) are US, Australia, India, Canada, Italy, Spain, China, Brazil and Japan. The user survey will be analysed during May 2013 and presented with updated usage data at the 21st Cochrane Colloquium in Quebec. Conclusion: Each issue of CJC is reaching a wide audience and CJC is a valued resource. We wish to continue to develop CJC to meet the expectations of users and provide resources that match their needs.