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 The Colloquium program has been finalized. Click here to read the 2013 Colloquium Exhibitor Prospectus. If you are exhibiting at this event and have any questions, please contact

The Cochrane Collaboration

The Cochrane Collaboration is an international network of more than 31,000 people from over 100 countries. We work together to help healthcare practitioners, policy-makers and consumers make well-informed decisions about health care by producing Cochrane Systematic Reviews of healthcare evidence and the largest collection of records of randomised controlled trials in the world, published online in The Cochrane Library. Our work is internationally recognized as the benchmark for high quality information about the effectiveness of health care. As a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, we operate to minimize bias and remain free from commercial influences, and offer training and guidance to our growing network of contributors.

Each year a different Cochrane centre hosts the Collaboration’s Colloquium and this year we are delighted to be celebrating our 20th anniversary in the beautiful city of Québec, courtesy of the Canadian Cochrane Centre. If you’re already a contributor or are new to Cochrane, please visit our exhibition space, the Cochrane Exchange, to meet Cochrane staff, find out how to get involved in the organization, book one-to-one training in using Cochrane’s review manager software or building your Cochrane website, learn about Cochrane initiatives and projects, and more!

The Cochrane Collaboration Anniversary Merchandise Booth

The Anniversary Public Relations Working Group will be on-site to deliver the promotional merchandise ordered in advance of the Colloquium to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Cochrane Collaboration. Come by our booth to pick up your order and please bring cash for your purchase. Exact change would be much appreciated.

2014 Cochrane Colloquium - Hyderabad, India

Cochrane South Asia is privileged to host the 22nd Cochrane Colloquium in Hyderabad, India. The year 2014 heralds the 21st anniversary of The Cochrane Collaboration’s pioneering global initiative. We will celebrate Cochrane’s rite of passage into its prime with a Colloquium that we hope will challenge, stimulate, and empower us to face our responsibilities as global leaders in research synthesis for better health.

The 2014 Cochrane Colloquium will focus on‘Evidence-Informed Public Health: Opportunities and Challenges’, an apt theme for the setting of the Colloquium in India and South Asia. We hope that September 2014 will see history, geography, altruism, pragmatism and good science meld seamlessly to help improve the health of the millions of people around the world.

The 400 year-old city of Hyderabad, built by the Qutub Shahi kings, is steeped in a rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage and is home to the glistening towers of many global IT giants. Blending the ancient and the modern in perfect harmony, Hyderabad, the jewel of the Deccan, offers you a life-changing experience of the vibrant democracy that is Incredible India like no other Indian city can.

Hyderabad offers you a world-class conference venue and hotel in the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC). In addition, there are over 25 other hotels, serviced apartments and guest houses in the vicinity.

Swagatham!We welcome you warmly to the planet called India, the land of a thousand Gods, where every guest is treated like a god.

See you in Hyderabad!

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

Decisions about which medical devices and drugs to use are crucial to the quality and sustainability of health care in Canada. Access to evidence-based information is key to making informed decisions that harness the benefits of technology while getting the best value from every health dollar.

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) is an independent producer and broker  of health technology assessments. It provides decision-makers with the evidence, analysis, advice, and recommendations they require to make informed decisions in health care.

Funded by Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments, CADTH delivers timely, evidence-based information to health care leaders about the effectiveness and efficiency of health technologies.
Through its wide variety of services and products, CADTH delivers information that Canada’s health care decision-makers can rely on.

The CIHR Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IMHA) funds research and knowledge translation activities which focus on any of these six research focus areas: arthritis, bone, muscle, skin, oral health and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. IMHA works with its Institute Advisory Board to identify research priority areas which are reviewed on an annual basis. Programs and projects are developed, implemented and evaluated by staff based in Ottawa working in concert with staff at the host institution, which is currently the University of Manitoba where IMHA’s current Scientific Director, Dr. Hani El-Gabalaway is based.

IMHA is proud to work with partners in the non-governmental sector as well as consumer representatives who sit on some of our Institute Advisory Board committees. Our “research ambassadors” represent IMHA in various ways and they provide insights into the research needs and challenges affecting patients affected by the disease areas touching IMHA. In consultation with our various stakeholders, IMHA is currently developing a new strategic plan identifying future directions for the 2014-2019 timeframe.

EBSCO Health

EBSCO Health, part of EBSCO Information Services, is a leading provider of clinical decision support solutions, healthcare business intelligence, and medical research information for the healthcare industry. Our mission is to provide the global healthcare community with the information they need to make informed decisions. EBSCO Health users include librarians, nurses, physicians, administrators, and trainees in medicine, nursing, and allied health. Flagship products include CINAHL®, DynaMed™, Nursing Reference Center™, clinical eBooks and eJournals, EBSCO Discovery Service™, licensed databases (such as MEDLINE®), plus EBSCONET®.  EBSCO databases are powered by EBSCOhost®, the premier electronic resource favored by libraries around the world.


Embase from Elsevier Life Science Solutions is the most comprehensive international database for biomedical researchers. It enables you to track and retrieve precise information on drugs and diseases from pre-clinical studies to searches on critical toxicological information. Embase supports Evidence Based Medicine by delivering a better basis for decision making to you and your organization.

With over 25 million indexed records and more than 7,600 current, mostly peer-reviewed journals, Embase quickly and accurately delivers the answers you need. It gives you comprehensive, authoritative, reliable coverage of all relevant and scientifically valid biomedical literature.

Information managers, regulatory specialists, clinicians, medical librarians, educators and students use Embase for its breadth and depth of data. Embase can help you with everything from clinical trials research to pharmacovigilance.

Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre (EPPI-Centre)

The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre (EPPI-Centre) is part of the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Since 1993, we have been at the forefront of carrying out systematic reviews and developing review methods in social science and public policy. We are dedicated to making reliable research findings accessible to the people who need them, and supporting the use of evidence in policy, practice or personal decisions.

The EPPI-Centre offers support and expertise to those undertaking systematic reviews and those who are interested in finding about or using research evidence.

Health Evidence

Health Evidence is a service and research organization involved in knowledge translation among Canada’s public health decision makers. Health Evidence helps the public health workforce and policy makers search for, interpret, and apply research evidence to their local context. They began with the launch of the registry of reviews in March 2005. This registry continues to provide free, user-friendly access to a searchable database of over 3,100 relevant, quality-appraised systematic reviews that evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions and facilitates evidence-informed public health decision making. Health Evidence further expanded in 2007 to offer a suite of training and consultation services – including workshops, webinars and Knowledge Broker services – that are tailored to the needs of public health practitioners and their organizations. For more information on these services and to search the registry of reviews, visit

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT)

The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools(NCCMT) is one of six National Collaborating Centres for Public Health in Canada. The NCCMT provides leadership and expertise in working with public health professionals to move evidence into practice. We believe that using evidence to inform public health practice and policy in Canada can improve our public health system and, ultimately, the health of all Canadians. We help you to find and use innovative, high quality, up-to-date methods and tools that support you in moving evidence into practice.

National Institute for Health Research (NHS)

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is a large, multi-faceted and nationally distributed UK based organization. Together, NIHR people, facilities and systems represent the most integrated clinical research system in the world, driving research from bench to bedside for the benefit of patients.

The NIHR is making sure that the UK health service has access to the best possible evidence to inform decisions and choices by commissioning systematic reviews and by building capacity for their conduct and supporting the development of methods.

The NIHR Systematic Reviews (SR) Programme supports the following organizations:

•         the UK Cochrane Centre (UKCC)

•         Cochrane Review Groups

•         the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)

•         Health Technology Assessment Review (TAR) teams.

The SR Programme also supports and commissions reviews that explicitly address key questions faced by front line professionals and by National Health Service (NHS) decision-making bodies and other policy customers in the UK. Each part of the Programme works to ensure that the knowledge they produce is rigorous, accessible, and can be used by professionals and policy makers to make informed decisions about the treatment and care the NHS provides.

To find out how the NIHR SR Programme supports the work of Cochrane,  please come and visit us on the NIHR stand.

Wolters Kluwer Health | Ovid

Ovid (, part of Wolters Kluwer Health, is a global information solutions provider offering medical, scientific, and academic communities customizable solutions of high-quality core and niche content fully integrated with their institutional holdings. Clinicians, professionals, students, and researchers benefit from Ovid’s best-in-class content, technology tools, and services.
OvidSP, our industry-leading online search and discovery platform, continues to break barriers to transform the research community. OvidSP’s unique tools and features are designed to maximize search precision and efficiency, and simplify and speed analysis and workflow—all in a simple, integrated and easy-to-use system.
Ovid is used by the world’s leading colleges and universities; medical schools; academic research libraries and library consortia; hospitals and healthcare systems; pharmaceutical, engineering and biotechnology companies; and HMOs and clinical practices.
Ovid offers tremendous depth and breadth of content published by the world’s leading publishers, covering a wide range of core and niche scientific, medical, and healthcare disciplines:

  • More than 4,000 ebooks, 100 book collections, archive collections of critical historical material, publisher collections, and topical collections
  • Over 1,300 premium, peer-reviewed journals- with no embargoes! Plus 70 journal collections, archive collections and packages based on publisher or subject
  • Over 100 bibliographic and full-text databases

Wiley Blackwell

Wiley is proud to publish The Cochrane Libraryon behalf of The Cochrane Collaboration. Wiley’s scientific, technical, medical and scholarly business publishes on behalf of more societies and membership associations than anybody else, and offers libraries and individuals 1250 online journals, thousands of books and e-books, reviews, reference works, databases, and more. For more information, visit us at or