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The Chris Silagy Prize

Awards and Prizes presented during the Cochrane Colloquium

Chris Silagy Prize

Prize presentation will take place at The Cochrane Collaboration's Annual General Meeting, 21 September 2013


Chris Silagy, AO, MD

Chris Silagy (1960-2001) was the founding Director of the Australasian Cochrane Centre, a former Chair of The Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group, and instrumental in the development and success of The Cochrane Collaboration. Chris was energetic, positive and inspiring. Before his death in December 2001, Chris expressed a wish for a fund to be established and to be held by the Monash Foundation. Chris initiated this fund with his own contribution, and requested donations be made to it instead of flowers or other tributes after his death.

Chris requested that this fund be used to recognize contributions to The Cochrane Collaboration in ways that are often insufficiently recognized; for example, providing administration, management, Colloquium organization, communication and motivation - in short, the 'glue' that helps keep The Cochrane Collaboration together. The establishment and perpetuation of the Prize was approved by The Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group in April 2002.

Chris Silagy Prize

The Chris Silagy Prize is awarded at every Cochrane Colloquium to an individual who has made an ‘extraordinary’ contribution to the work of The Cochrane Collaboration. The Prize consists of AU$ 1000 (drawn from the Chris Silagy Memorial Fund), a certificate which includes the words “for an extraordinary contribution to the work of The Cochrane Collaboration”, and expenses associated with attending the Colloquium (to be met by The Cochrane Collaboration).

Potential recipients of the Chris Silagy Prize are required to have:

  • made an extraordinary contribution to The Cochrane Collaboration;
  • made a contribution that exceeds the expectations of their employment;
  • made a contribution to The Cochrane Collaboration that would not be recognized outside the scope of this Prize;
  • been identified by their peers as consistently contributing to a spirit of collaboration.

Nominations and selection

The Cochrane Operations Unit issues the call for nominations via The Cochrane Collaboration’s mailing lists and CCInfo in the first week of April each year. Nominations should be sent to the Cochrane Operations Unit ( with the name of the Award or Prize in the subject heading. A selection panel of three individuals is appointed each year from past members of the Steering Group and its advisory committees, and the previous year's Prize recipient (if not conflicted). A governing committee oversees the Prize.

Previous recipients

2012 - Jordi Pardo Pardo, Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group
2011 - Martin Janczyk and Juliane Ried, German Cochrane Centre
2010 - Chris Mavergames, German Cochrane Centre
2009 - Kate Cahill, Tobacco Addiction Group
2008 - Rasmus Moustgaard, Nordic Cochrane Centre
2007 - Heather Maxwell, Peripheral Vascular Diseases Group
2006 - Monica Kjeldstrøm, Nordic Cochrane Centre
2005 - Janet Wale, Cochrane Consumer Network
2004 - Sonja Henderson, Pregnancy and Childbirth Group
2003 - Gill Gyte, Pregnancy and Childbirth Group
2002 - Jini Hetherington, Cochrane Collaboration Secretariat

More information

More detailed information on the Prize can be found here.