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The Therapeutic Drug Management Program: A collaborative initiative of teaching hospitals

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


Presenting author and contact person

Presenting author

Celine Dupont

Contact person

Louise Deschênes
Paul Farand
Daniel Froment
Pierre Gaudreault
Marie-Claude Michel
Élaine Pelletier
Raghu Rajan
Martin Turgeon
France Varin
Abstract text
Background: The Therapeutic Drug Management Program (TDMP) is an innovative joint venture of university teaching hospitals (UTH) to share expertise, clinical practice experiences and evidence-based information. The TDMP represents a unique collaborative evidence-based practice initiative between pharmacists and physicians from different UTHs. Objectives: With limited qualified resources in each center, the TDMP enables sharing of high quality information to better address the challenges surrounding the introduction of new drugs on hospital forms, and to perform drug utilization reviews (DUR). Methods: An executive committee sets priorities while the scientific committee develops the methodology for drug evaluations and DUR. The process integrates systematic reviews of literature, revision by peers, evaluative and outcome research and assessment of economic impact. Models for dissemination and integration of the recommendations are currently under study by the TDMP. Results: Since its creation in January 2004, the TDMP has published many drug evaluations, descriptive analyses, and has realized a number of DUR. Experts from different fields have teamed up with the TDMP, resulting in publications and talks at different meetings. The main beneficiaries of the TDMP’s work are the Pharmacy and Therapeutic committees through facilitation and harmonization of the decision making process. Since 2004, documents produced by the TDMP are integrated to the UTH executives’ decision-making process. Conclusions: The TDMP allows clinicians to access quality and evidence-based information to optimize drug utilization in their centers. The TDMP converts research into innovative tools for clinicians and in doing so, facilitates the transfer of theory into every day practice and therapeutic decision-making.