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Starting a new review group: tribulations without trials

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00


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Presenting author

Robin Grant

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Robin Grant
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Background: Neuro-Oncology is the multi-disciplinary subspecialty dealing with the effect of cancer or cancer treatments on the nervous system. To date, these reviews have been published through the Cochrane Gynaecological Cancer Group (CGCG) under its ‘orphan’ cancer remit. With the retirement of the CGCG Co-coordinating Editor and increasing numbers of trials, a Cochrane Neuro-Oncology Group (CNOG) was formed in mid 2012. Here we discuss the development of the new group. Objectives: Develop a responsive, outward facing group, integrated into existing professional and Cochrane networks, to provide a high quality review process and encourage new reviews in Neuro-Oncology. Methods: To establish an expert group of evidence based contact editors we approached members of the European and North American Neuro-Oncology groups with particular expertise in the breadth of neuro-oncology fields and the International patient organisations. Meetings were held with Executive Board members of these organisations to promote Cochrane links at Board level and through their membership. Relationship building with CRGs where there is overlap. Involve contact editors and interested staff in local Cochrane training. Trial cross-continent collaboration on reviews and new potential review topics. Results: 12 contact editors who have either undertaken a Cochrane Review or have established evidence based interest were enrolled. CNOG articles were published in the professional organisations websites and newsletters, including patient organisations, to publicise CNOG. A Neuro-Oncology webpage has been established. Meetings have ben held to explore links and training in US/Canadian Cochrane Centers. There is a 4 fold increase in new titles and a hit list of potential review topics scored by Contact Editors. Neuro-Oncology James Lind Alliance Partnership in planning stages to identify unanswered questions. Conclusions: Small subspecialty CRGs may benefit from linkages with "overlap" Cochrane CRGs and "it's a small world" international contacts to promote Cochrane.