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Search methods for diagnostic test accuracy reviews in dementia: an overview of a programme grant

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Anna Noel-Storr

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Anna Noel-Storr
Abstract text
Background: In 2010 the Cochrane dementia and cognitive improvement group began work on a series of diagnostic test accuracy systematic reviews as part of a programme grant. Objectives: Three years on, and 200000 citations screened later, this poster aims to consider the effectiveness of the search activities performed for this is body of work. Methods: This will include evaluation of the range of sources searched, the effectiveness of peer review, the sensitivity, specified, precision and accuracy of the search strategies and consideration of whether we are any closer to a topic-specific methodological search filter. An evaluation of the reporting standards in the abstracts of included studies will also be shown with specific attention paid to study population and setting. Conclusions: Looking back, what could we have done better? This evaluation will identify what the main challenges were and offer recommendations to those about to or in the process of undertaking extensive search activities for a portfolio of diagnostic test accuracy reviews.