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How to explore user experience when developing communication products

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Sarah Rosenbaum

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Sarah Rosenbaum
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Background: Many teams worldwide are developing products for communicating evidence from systematic reviews for different contexts, such as shared decision making, clinical support, priority setting, guideline and policy development, mass media reporting. These projects can benefit from incorporating methodology from a user centered design approach, in order to create products that are more useful and usable for their intended audiences and tasks. Objectives: In this presentation I will describe some of the principles and pragmatic considerations for “user testing” - a method of observing and exploring users’ experiences of a product under development, in order to improve the design for the end user and their tasks. Presentation: I will cover the following points: • What is user testing? • Why is it important? • How can you carry it out? • What are some of the challenges? • How can it be modified for different products, stages of development or resource limitation? Getting started with user testing: I will make available downloadable instructions and materials for user testing.