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Attitudes towards evidence based medicine among medical students of Universidad Nacional del Sur Medical School of Argentina

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Monday 23 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Marcelo Garcia D...

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Marcelo Garcia D...
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Background: It was proved that devolvement of competence in critical appraisal is more effective if it stars during undergraduate education. Most of developed instruments to assess knowledge are oriented to graduate professionals. Knowing students attitudes is important to plan strategies to improve critical appraisal skills of students Objectives: To describe the attitudes and knowledge towards Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and Biostatistics among students in the middle and end of medical pregame at the National University of the South (UNS) Methods: Cross-sectional study. Voluntary and anonymous survey applied to 3rd and 6th year students from UNS (problem-based community oriented program).Previous training in epidemiology (measured as participation on extracurricular courses), participation in research groups; hours per week devoted to reading of scientific journals; and an 11 instrument to assess understanding of statistical terms published in medical journals validated for graduated physicians were assessed. KR-21, were calculated ji2 test was used to analyze differences. Results: 71 students completed the survey (Year 3 =39; Year 6 =34). Average age 23,17 (DS±1,37). 19,7% referred extracurricular course in statistics and 17,1% in EBM. 35,5% voluntary participate in research groups : Year 3 6/39 and Year 6 19/34 (p< 0,001) . Agreement of understanding of statistical terms on a Likert scale was 3,15 (DS±0,84) no statistical difference among years. Knowledge instrument reliability KR-20 0,39. Average of correct answers 7,87 (DS±2,59) no statistical difference among years Conclusions: Attitudes are not related with amount of knowledge. Low reliability suggest the need of specific instruments to assess students knowledge