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Analysis of clinical guidelines developed based on evidence in China

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Maoling Wei

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Maoling Wei
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Title: Analysis of clinical guidelines developed based evidence in China Background: The clinical guideline is the bridge from the research evidence to practice and evidence based guideline is thought as current better guideline which developed by scientific methods. Chinese medical association is the major academic organization to develop national practice guidelines in China. Objective: To analyze the quality of clinical practice guideline mentioned evidence based in China. Methods: We selected clinical guidelines developed based evidence issued by the Chinese medical association in 2010-2012 and with additional search for guidelines on clinical major diseases. Excluded those published common sense, translation, abstract and discussion, etc. Guidelines quality evaluated by 8 items selected from the assessment of the methodological rigour which reference to the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE II). Results: a) Twenty-two guidelines included, 13 were originated and 9 were updated at 3~5 years, diseases covered on stroke, diabetes, hypertension and chronic hepatitis, etc. b) The number of guideline references cited were 10~218, seven cited 24 Cochrane systematic review (CDSR), which occupied reference 2.62% (24/916) and the top was the acute ischemic stroke guideline (cited 7 CDSR). c) The number of experts involved in guidelines development was 2-95, guidelines page was 4-150. d) The guidelines quality were generally scores 4~7, most of them described the process of guidelines developed, mentioned grades of recommendation consistent with the levels of evidence. Few guidelines provided the systematic methods used to search to evidence, have been externally reviewed by experts prior to its publication and procedure for updating the guideline, etc. Conclusions: There is growing trend that clinical guidelines developed based evidence in China. However, the quality of report and methodological rigour of included guidelines need further improvement. The number of Cochrane systematic review cited in these guidelines is limited. We suggest guidelines recommendations should be consistent with the levels of evidence and adapt to the local conditions, and relevant support policies for guideline implementation in practice. Key words Evidence-based medicine Cochrane systematic review Clinical guideline Evidence-based guideline development Evaluation