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Using social media for effective communication with Cochrane stakeholders

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 13:30 - 15:00
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Nancy Owens


Nancy Owens
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Wiley, US
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Anyone in the Collaboration seeking information on how to use social media more effectively

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Objectives: 1. Demonstration on use of social media: a. Familiarise participants with different types and functions of social media. b. Provide practical information on using social media to disseminate information and communicate effectively. 2. Workshop session: a. Follow step-by-step guides to using social media tools. b. Supported hands-on opportunity to explore and ask questions. Description: Are you looking for ways to get the word out more effectively about Cochrane activities and evidence? Social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and internal Cochrane initiatives (news channels, blogs, discussion forums) each provide opportunities to push information out to and connect with current and prospective Cochrane users and contributors. However, potential/new users of social media may be daunted by the volume of information and resources available, and the prospect of integrating social media engagement into already overloaded work schedules. This workshop will focus on familiarising participants with the social media landscape: the most popular platforms, and how each can be used to disseminate content and engage particular audiences. It will also offer solutions for incorporating social media into daily tasks. The session will provide the opportunity to explore social media in a supported environment, including hands-on exercises in disseminating content across multiple platforms.