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Sharing evidence through Twitter

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00
Contact persons and facilitators

Contact person

Sarah Chapman
Holly Millward


Sarah Chapman
Holly Millward
Target audience

Target audience

All interested in using Twitter to disseminate reviews, basic knowledge of Twitter needed as well as a Twitter account.

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Level of knowledge required

Type of workshop

Type of workshop

Abstract text


Objectives: To enable participants to share evidence, engaging with different audiences, for maximum effect and impact, through Twitter. Description: We are now engaging with consumers, health professionals and voluntary organisations every day, disseminating and discussing Cochrane reviews through Twitter, an increasingly important forum for sharing evidence. With a small amount of training and few resources, Twitter users can increase the reach of reviews through this fast and responsive platform. We will focus on Cochrane reviews but the skills learned at this workshop can be applied to other types of evidence. The workshop will begin with a presentation showing how to construct tweets for maximum impact. It will include how to extract information from a review and translate this into tweets; how to reach different audiences through the language used and the information selected and by using Twitter conventions such as hashtags and Twitter handles. We will consider how to fit this into the daily workload and how to use Twitter in both a planned way and responsively for maximum impact. Participants will be divided into small groups for a hands-on activity building Tweets from Cochrane review abstracts. This will be followed by feedback and an opportunity for discussion and questions.