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Enhanced interrogation techniques - making Archie cough up the answers you need (restricted)

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 13:30 - 15:00
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Jessica Thomas
Jacob Riis


Chris Champion
Emma Welsh
Liz Dooley
Other contributors
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Cochrane IMS, Denmark
Target audience

Target audience

Cochrane entity staff

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Type of workshop

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Objectives: This Archie workshop will assist Cochrane entity staff (primarily Super Users) in using the Advanced Search and Reports functions. There will also be an opportunity for users to feed back into development of the systems to improve the reporting and searching functionality. Description: The workshop will include: 1. A demonstration on using the Archie Advanced Search function and running a selection of Reports. 2. A competition between the workshop group and two ‘expert Super Users’ to find information from Archie, with prizes for winners! Please bring your laptop to take part! 3. A break-out session where groups will run through a list of questions around the use of both the Reports and the Advanced Search functionality. The groups will be asked to consider the following: - what current searches users find useful, - what new reports and search functions are required to support the work of the Collaboration, as well as - share ideas around how the current system could be made more accessible to the user. 4. All small groups will be given an opportunity to feedback to the full workshop and a final report will be shared by the IMS team with the attendees after the event.