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[DTA Stream] Introduction to diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


Methods Group and core training

Methods Group

Screening and Diagnostic Tests Methods Group
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Clare Davenport


Mariska Leeflang
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University of Exeter, UK
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Authors interested in conducting diagnostic test accuracy systematic reviews

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Objectives: • To introduce participants to the concept of test accuracy and primary study designs used to estimate it. • To outline the potential contribution of Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) reviews to evidence based practice • To explain which applications of tests fit within the structure of a DTA review • To define the components of a DTA review question and the process of question formulation Description: Primary test accuracy studies vary markedly in their design and charactersied by non- comparative evaluations. This poses challenges when formulating DTA review questions; in particular delineating the role of a test in a clinical pathway and the most informative comparator test or testing strategy. This workshop will provide an opportunity for those who are not familiar with DTA evidence to learn about primary study designs, the contribution of DTA reviews to the test accuracy evidence base and the process of DTA review question formulation. The workshop will start with an introduction to primary test accuracy study designs, the potential application and role of tests in clincial practice and the key components of a DTA review question. Learning will be consolidated using small group exercises to illustrate the process of DTA review question formulation.