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[Core] Using the new online GRADEpro to create Summary of Findings Tables ***In computer lab; no need for personal laptops

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group
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Holger Schunemann


Holger Schunemann
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Review authors

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Objectives: Participants will learn using the new online GRADEprofiler (GRADEpro) software released in April 2013 to prepare Summary of Findings Tables for Cochrane Reviews. This is a guided hands-on workshop using GRADEpro. Description: Summary of Findings (SoF) tables are a relatively new important addition to Cochrane reviews and strongly recommended for Cochrane Reviews. Recently, the new online GRADEpro was released. It is a simple online application that can import data and analyses from RevMan 5, facilitate the creation of SoF tables, and export SoF Tables to RevMan. The main feature of GRADEpro is to facilitate the assessment of the quality of evidence (risks of bias, limitations, directness of evidence and sparseness of data) and the conversion and summary of results into relative and absolute effects for individual outcomes. This – very hands on and step-by-step – workshop takes participants through the entire process of creating a SoF using the new online GRADEpro. Participants will work on an example of a Cochrane review or use their own review during the workshop. In addition to the presenter, other trainers are available throughout the workshop to help and support participants or provide more advanced information