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[Core] Interpreting results of Cochrane reviews and Summary of Findings Tables

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 13:30 - 15:00


Methods Group and core training

Methods Group

Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group
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Holger Schunemann


Holger Schunemann
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Target audience

Authors, editors, and entity and Centre staff

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Type of workshop

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Objectives: To learn how to use GRADE to interpret findings and create a Summary of Findings Table. This workshop involves small group work, with groups lead by workshop trainers. Description: The GRADE approach has been adopted by the Cochrane Collaboration to evaluate the quality of evidence for outcomes reported in systematic reviews, interpret findings and draw conclusions. This information as well as the magnitude of the effect for each outcome, is presented in a Summary of Findings (SoF) table. This workshop describes the GRADE criteria to assess the quality of evidence (risk of bias, indirectness, imprecision, inconsistency, publication and others) and the process to create a SoF (choosing outcomes and comparisons; grading the evidence; and presenting effects in user friendly numbers). Participants will then apply these concepts to create a SoF in small groups.