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[Consumer Stream] The wonders of randomisation - workshop for consumers

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 13:30 - 15:00
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Sally Crowe


Sally Crowe
Gill Gyte
Dell Horey
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Target audience


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Type of workshop

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Objectives: •For consumers to be able to describe the concept, process and outcomes of randomisation in clinical trials in order to reduce bias •For Cochrane to gain understanding in how to communicate randomisation to the public in an accessible way to support consumers contributing to the Cochrane review process Description: This interactive workshop will, using adverts from magazines (that claim benefits or clinical effects) and working in small groups, ask participants to design a study that would address the claim made in the advert. Discussion will progress to the concept of randomisation and the biases that can be reduced through it use in clinical trials. In the final part of the workshop, participants will develop statements describing randomisation to someone invited to participate in a clinical trial. These statements will be discussed by all workshop participants and modifications suggested. Final suggestions will, if possible, be user tested in the workshop on ‘Demystifying clinical trials and systematic reviews’. All consumers are welcome and should be able to enjoy the workshop and learn whatever their current level of knowledge.