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RCT databases - reducing research wastage from the systematic review process
Readability of Cochrane Breast Cancer Group plain language summaries
Selective reporting: a proxy or a more direct indicator of our confidence in the summary estimates?
Sharing tacit knowledge to build capacity for knowledge translation: Lessons learned from pan-Canadian public health webinars
Social work and the Cochrane Collaboration: Qualitative interviews with Cochrane contributors of social work background
Summarizing evidence for policy: some limitations of rapid and systematic reviews
Surgical trials and trial registries: a cross-sectional study of RCTs published in journals requiring trial registration in their author instructions
Teaching searching in an intensive systematic review course:  “how many citations should I expect to review?”
The Evolution of Technology for Cochrane
The reporting of research design of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) studies in abstracts of Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews
The Use of Cochrane Reviews for Decision Making by a Local Public Health Department
The use of collaborative writing applications in healthcare education - a scoping review
The utility of systematic reviews for informing agri-food public health policy: a survey of Canadian policy makers
The ‘Implications for Practice’ of empty reviews: An analysis of Cochrane systematic reviews with no included studies
To improve the efficiency of database searches for the identification of reports of RCTs used in NICE guidelines
Tools to evaluate the methodological quality of physical therapy trials.  What items should we use from these tools?  A factor analysis