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CRISP: online summaries of Cochrane reviews for policy
Critical outcomes in a Cochrane systematic review: Patients’ perspective
Cultures of evidence among decision-makers in non-health fields: systematic review
Designing a social media strategy for a Cochrane entity
Development of a quality appraisal tool for case series studies
Development of a topic nomination and selection process with US Medicaid policy makers
Development of knowledge brokering intervention model based on a systematic review
Disseminating information on medicines and health interventions in Brazilian Portuguese using a internet-based resource: the Cemeds' Blog
Does a Cochrane contributor facilitate the implementation of evidence-informed recommendations in practice
Does journal endorsement of reporting guidelines impact the completeness of reporting of health research? A systematic review
Evidence of design-related bias among studies validating clinical prediction rule: a meta-epidemiological study
Evidence synthesis of implementation studies in health research: A systematic scoping review of methodological approaches
Experiences and attitudes toward evidence-informed policy-making among Canadian research and policy stakeholders working at the interface of agri-food and public health
Filtering for findability in systematic review search strategies
Finding evidence from developing countries: the use of regional databases and other search sources
Finding research on websites – experiences and solutions from the field of international development