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Turning a scientific procedure into an online participative tool

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Saturday 21 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Patrice Chalon

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Patrice Chalon
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Background: Since 2003, creation of the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE), our researcher benefit from an explicit scientific procedure describing how to produce a scientific report. This procedure is based on international standards and was first updated in 2007 (3 PDF documents). Objectives: In 2011, the management asked for an on-line publication that would facilitate the access to and updates of the procedure. Methods: A panel of researchers was invited to agree on a new table of content and define functional requirements for the on-line tool. A demonstrator was build based on an existing and already known technical option in order to evaluate its feasibility. A survey was conducted using a web form on the Intranet in order to evaluate satisfaction about the on-line tool and receive suggestions. Results: Drupal Open Source Content Management System (CMS) was used to build the website. A table of content and navigation facilities are provided, as well as printer friendly version, internal links, import / export of references and link to the full-text. The layout mimics the layout of PDF documents. Each author is responsible of a set of pages, all researchers may provide comments directly on the pages; the page owner is responsible for managing the comments: suggestion can be directly included, or will result in the organisation of a workshop in order to reach consensus among the researchers. The survey showed a general satisfaction about the new system and allowed to identify points to ameliorate. It also helped to recall the possibility to provide comments on the site. Conclusions: The Process Book on-line has been provided for a limited cost thanks to the use of an Open Source CMS, and mainly internal development. This successful approach could inspire a change in the publication of reports that would benefit to Semantic Web.