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Towards an optimal use of the Cochrane Systematic Review to support decision making in a hospital setting

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00


Presenting author and contact person

Presenting author

Marc Rhainds

Contact person

Catherine Safianyk
Marc Rhainds
Abstract text
Ojectives: • Exchange of experience in the hospital environment by Health Technology Assessment Units (UETMIS) in Québec, grouped into a Community of Practice (CoP), regarding the use of evidence generated through the Cochrane Collaboration; • Initiation of a discussion on the use of this data by hospital UETMIS through the perspective of local decision making. Results: This presentation will present a synthesis of the results of a survey of members of the health technology assessment CoP in Québec, reflecting their use of systematic reviews of health technology projects in care facilities generated by the Cochrane Collaboration. It will also outline the facilitating factors and barriers to the implementation of the conclusions of these systematic reviews in clinical practice. The presentation will present strategies that can be implemented to promote more consultation of the systematic reviews generated by The Cochrane Collaboration, supporting decision makers in health care facilities in their choice of technologies and methods of intervention. Possible solutions to facilitate uptake of information generated by the Cochrane Collaboration among health care institutions, taking into account the context, needs and expectations of the environment will be presented.