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Issues in developing and disseminating summaries of Cochrane reviews for specific external audiences

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 10:30 - 12:00


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Presenting author

Kathryn M Mahan

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Kathryn M Mahan
Alan Pearson
Abstract text
Background: The role of Cochrane Fields is to provide links between the Cochrane Collaboration and the stakeholders (clinicians, researchers, and consumers) in the Field’s area of interest. Developing and disseminating summaries of Cochrane reviews is one way in which Fields link between Cochrane and specific external audiences of Field stakeholders. Objectives:To share two models of Cochrane review summary development and dissemination to specific stakeholder groups. Methods: Examples of summaries of Cochrane reviews produced by two Cochrane Fields will be presented and analysed to exemplify different successful models of summary development and dissemination. The methods used by each Field, and the lessons learned, will be described in detail. Issues addressed will include: working with authors and Cochrane Review Groups, methods to identify and work with collaborators in developing the summaries, successful strategies for positioning Cochrane review summaries in a range of media, and evidence of impact of summaries upon targeted groups. Results: Examples include summaries of Cochrane reviews published in topic specific international journals; journal commentaries upon reviews; a handbook of summaries of Cochrane reviews; and bulletins with translated plain language summaries. Conclusions: Cochrane Fields have considerable expertise in knowledge translation activities related to Cochrane, including producing and disseminating summaries of Cochrane reviews. The variety of approaches leading to successful knowledge translation for Field audiences, and the lessons learned along the way, may serve as models for others wishing to develop and disseminate Cochrane review summaries and other derivative products.