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Integrating sex and gender analysis into systematic reviews

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00
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Lorri Puil

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Lorri Puil
Jennifer O'Neill
Abstract text
Sex and gender analysis (SGA) is an analytic framework used to guide systematic review authors, policy makers and consumers in determining the applicability of health evidence to diverse populations. There is a growing consensus amongst various stakeholders, including journal editors, health practitioners, researchers and consumers, that SGA is essential to informed decision making, reduction of harm, and the promotion of health equity in both primary research and systematic reviews. Our multidisciplinary team has developed guidance for systematic review authors in the implementation of SGA throughout the review process. In this presentation, the basic theoretical considerations of sex/gender and the relevance of SGA to systematic reviews and health equity will be briefly introduced followed by an overview of newly developed tools to guide the appraisal, conduct and reporting of SGA. A tool for systematic review authors, which has been piloted with the Cochrane Hypertension, HIV/AIDS and Musculoskeletal Review Groups will be presented. The presentation will close with a discussion on some of the methodological challenges in conducting SGA, and ways to improve SGA guidance and methods.