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Hitting the right target - disseminating Cochrane review findings for greatest impact.

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Friday 20 September 2013 - 13:30 - 15:00


Presenting author and contact person

Presenting author

Jodie Doyle

Contact person

Kirsty Jones
Abstract text
Background: Knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) strategies aim to support evidence informed decision-making. Such strategies look to bridge the gap between research producers and end-users of research, building interactive communicative relationships between the two groups. The Cochrane Public Health Group (CPHG) produces reviews of a range of interventions focused on the social and structural determinants of health at population-levels. CPHG has used a variety of KT strategies, including stakeholder identification and engagement, knowledge brokering, targeted dissemination and workforce development to ensure that CPHG reviews are useful and utilised in public health decision-making. As new Cochrane reviews are published, KTE strategies are required to ensure findings and recommendations from each review reach the people who need to act upon them. One such strategy focuses on dissemination through strategic communication. Objective: CPHG has sought to understand how review groups can support authors develop and deliver dissemination strategies; ensuring findings and recommendations of reviews are targeted towards appropriate audiences and messages are tailored accordingly. Methods: Working with review authors, CPHG developed dissemination strategies addressing communication objectives. Extensive stakeholder lists were developed to determine key individuals and organisations that each review and its recommendations were relevant to. A variety of communication tools were developed to engage with these audiences. Results: Using case studies of recently published CPHG reviews; the process of developing and implementing a dissemination strategy will be discussed. Experiences will be described highlighting how review groups can support authors. Observations of the value of targeting dissemination to relevant stakeholders will also be reported. Conclusions: Dissemination strategies for Cochrane reviews require time, resources and appropriate skillsets. By delivering well-considered strategies, the reach of review findings can be expanded and authors can develop communicative relationships with key stakeholders. These relationships can promote ongoing KTE, including the identification and funding of priority reviews.