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Future Tech: Linked data

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00
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Presenting author

Chris Mavergames

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Chris Mavergames
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Background: This abstract is proposed as one of a four-part session called 'Future Tech', comprising submissions from Gordon Dooley (CRS), Chris Mavergames (Web, Linked Data), and Jessica Thomas (IMS). The process of producing Cochrane Reviews relies heavily on technologies. But, are these technologies serving us as well as they could? This oral presentation will discuss how linked data technologies could assist with the production of Cochrane evidence. Objectives: To present the potential and possibilities of using linked data technologies to improve data sharing and re-use, intelligence about our data and the gathering, curating and integrating of others' datasets into our processes. Participants will have a good understanding of the direction of travel the Collaboration is headed with regards to using semantic technologies in our work. Methods: I will use the Cochrane linked data demonstrator site and other related resources to walk attendees through how we're approaching leveraging linked data technologies (ontologies, RDF and SPARQL and semantic annotation tools) to improve our authoring processes. Results: N/A. Conclusions: Linked data technologies hold great promise for Cochrane. This presentation aims to provide a broad strokes overview of how this transformation in how we think about our data and how we put it together to produce our content.