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Future Tech: IMS

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00
Presenting author and contact person

Presenting author

Jessica Thomas

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Jessica Thomas
Jacob Riis
Abstract text
This abstract is proposed as one of a four-part session called 'Future Tech', comprising submissions from Gordon Dooley (CRS), Chris Mavergames (Web, Linked Data), and Jessica Thomas (IMS). The IMS team has been working on software to support the writing of Cochrane reviews almost as long as the organisation has been in existence. This oral session will show briefly what we have achieved so far on behalf of the Collaboration ie primarily the development of RevMan, the review writing software and Archie, the production system that includes online storage of reviews, editorial workflows and contacts database. We will also show some of our current developments, and where we see the software heading in the future including: - moving RevMan to an online browser-based environment, and what this will mean for the user; - how we will reinstate ourselves as the central storage system for the Collaboration; - how we are improving our interactions with other software such as ReGroup, EROS etc; - how we could make improvements to the systems by which people feed into the development process; and - we will also explore ideas around changing our development cycles to a more ‘agile’ approach using methods such as SCRUM ie with more frequency and opportunity for feedback. We will look at how all these changes along with the integration of Linked data will improve the overall user experience and enable improved interactions with the Cochrane Web and CRS interfaces.