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Future Tech: CRS

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00
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Gordon Dooley

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Gordon Dooley
Ruth Foxlee
Abstract text
Background: This abstract is proposed as one of a four-part session called 'Future Tech', comprising submissions from Gordon Dooley (CRS), Chris Mavergames (Web, Linked Data), and Jessica Thomas (IMS). Objectives: To illustrate how the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS) fits into the wider technical environment of The Cochrane Collaboration. Abstract: The CRS is both a data repository of studies and software to manage those records, including their publication in CENTRAL. This presentation will show how the CRS is being used to standardise record formatting in Cochrane Reviews, to clean records in CENTRAL, to streamline literature searching activities at editorial base level and to increase discoverability of studies for inclusion in reviews. One of the key features of the CRS is that it captures the links between study reports and the Cochrane Reviews they relate to, thus making it central to developments such as the Linked Data project. For two decades Cochrane authors and CRG staff have been creating links between references, studies and reviews. The CRS captures this work, thus creating opportunities to develop innovative new products and more efficient methods of review production. The CRS is part of the suite of Cochrane technological developments and we will discuss how the different parts of that infrastructure fit together now and how we can maximise technological synergies to create better products for our customers and a better user experience for our contributors.