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Future Tech: Cochrane's Web Presences (including The Cochrane Library)

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 15:30 - 17:00
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Presenting author

Chris Mavergames

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Chris Mavergames
Lorne Becker
Abstract text
Background: This abstract is proposed as one of a four-part session called 'Future Tech', comprising submissions from Gordon Dooley (CRS), Chris Mavergames (Web, Linked Data), and Jessica Thomas (IMS). The way we present our knowledge to end-users is very much tied to the "container" of the systematic review. Linked data technologies offer great potential for freeing our content from this one-size-fits-all document format (PDF and html presentation) and providing richer experiences in navigation and discoverability of Cohcrane evidence. This oral presentation will discuss how linked data technologies will be used in the near-future to improve user experience of Cochrane content and products. Objectives: To present the potential and possibilities of using linked data technologies to improve the user experience of our products. To offer concrete examples from the Cochrane linked data demonstrator site on how our content can be made more navigable and discoverable. Methods: I will use the Cochrane linked data demonstrator site to walk attendees through how we're approaching leveraging linked data technologies to improve user experience of our content, including browsing by PICO, cross-review views of analyses and study quality assessments, and linking studies, references and the reviews that included them, among others. Conclusions: Linked data technologies hold great promise for Cochrane. This presentation aims to provide a broad strokes overview of how this transformation in how we think about our content can improve end-user experience within our products.