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Canadian Cochrane Centre Partners Forum: Strengthening partnerships to increase evidence-based decision-making

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Sunday 22 September 2013 - 13:30 - 15:00


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Presenting author

Eileen Vilis

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Eileen Vilis
Abstract text
Background:Cochrane Centres promote The Cochrane Collaboration and act as a central contact point. Centres develop and maintain relationships with partner organizations to promote awareness, access and use of Cochrane Reviews. The Canadian Cochrane Centre (CCC) hosted a one-day Partners Forum with 25 partner organizations across Canada to promote Cochrane and discuss how to work together to impact evidence-based decision-making. Objectives:The Forum provided a face-to-face opportunity to update partners on expanded Cochrane resources in education and knowledge translation, discuss current partner relationships, have active partners present examples of joint activities/projects, strengthen organizational linkages and brainstorm future collaboration. Methods:The Canadian Cochrane Centre invited its partner organizations’ representatives to attend the one-day Partners Forum, November 2012. All twenty-five partners responded enthusiastically and eighteen representatives attended. Before the Forum, representatives were asked to consider key areas and questions for discussion. After the Forum, representatives offered their feedback about discussion content and timing. Results:Key discussions at the Forum included: partnership expectations and commitment; how to support evidence-based decision-making in Canada together; how to support a national Cochrane Library license; partner knowledge translation and training needs; developing a partner Cochrane Resource Menu; linking CCC partners with similar or complimentary interests; and agreeing to sustain active and regular communication between the CCC and its partner representatives. Conclusions:The CCC Partners Forum was successful in bringing together partner representatives by openly brainstorming, discussing needs and developing strategies to meet these needs. Since the Forum, partnerships have being formalized, the Cochrane resource menu has been developed and disseminated to partners, and an annual teleconference to exchange ideas and discuss is being arranged. Active partnerships and commitment help meet the needs of Cochrane Centres and their partner organizations. The forum model may meet the needs of other Cochrane Centres seeking increased engagement with partners and stakeholders.